The position of Caregiver is intended for persons wishing to work in a family in Canada, with the elderly, sick or handicapped people having difficulties to accomplish all the acts of the daily life.

Before applying for a work visa in Canada, applicants must meet 2 requirements:

1 / attend a training course of 750 hours (6 months) and

2 / have a family contract in Canada.

Training should normally take place in the country of origin.

Applicants who have worked as a Resident Family Assistant can apply for permanent residence in Canada from the relevant departments after completing 24 months with the same employer.

For candidates based in Canada, they are usually recommended by lawyers for this 750-hour training at Center 2000.

For further information, please contact us at: +1-514-342-5553 or by e-mail: info@centre-2000.com

                                  Please note that the required training can be done at home study.


Structure of the training program:

  • Role and Responsibilities of Resident Families
  • Communication and Interpersonal Relations
  • Care of an elderly person
  • Care for a Disabled
  • Child Development
  • Managing Child Behavior
  • Recognition and understanding of abuse
  • Managing a home and how to care for it
  • Notion of nutrition
  • Food Preparation
  • Resuscitation Cardio Respiratory (CPR)
  • Principles for the Safe Displacement of Beneficiaries (PDSB)
  • Safety at work
  • Politics, history, geography and social structure of Canada
  • Job Search
  • On job training (250 hours)


Terms and conditions :

Training duration :

             Full time: 6 months.

             Part time: 9 months

The fees of the training include taxes, documents and On job training


1 / For the fees of the training and the dates of the sessions, please contact us at : +1 514 342-1000 or by e-mail : info@centre-2000.com

2 / Registration and payment can be made by Internet and Interac on this specific email: centre2000@hotmail.com